About Love Your Classics

I have discovered through my Music Talks that there are people of all ages who would love to get into classical music but don’t know where to start. Too often I hear that it is complicated, confusing, academic, intimidating and that there so many recordings of each work they don’t know which to choose.

I hope that this Blog will open up a thrilling world to reveal some of the greatest tunes and melodies ever written.  

You don’t have to know anything about classical music to follow me, just have an open mind and be prepared to give it a go. I won’t recommend any music that I consider to be unapproachable or tuneless! 

 Every week I will talk about a different classical work in what I hope is an easy, straightforward way and recommend a specific recording.   You can listen to the work on Youtube and if you like it download it from iTunes or buy the CD from Amazon.

Having trained as a classical musician I then embarked on a fascinating and exciting 20 year career in the Music Business.  After a few years working for a classical music agent I moved into the pop world at EMI Records and then to EMI Classics where for 15 years I was lucky enough to work with some of the world’s greatest musicians.  I hope to be able to share some of my knowledge with you so that you can experience the joys and glories that are within Classical Music.