Students - Kennet Radio

Last Friday I did my monthly show for Kennet Radio.  My guests this time were five music students from Parkhouse School in Newbury.  I asked them to come on and talk to me about their love of music and their preparation for the GCSE music exam which they will do this summer.  Having met them earlier in September, I knew this was going to be a show you couldn't really prepare for, to a certain extent I was going to have to "wing" it.  

I don't know who enjoyed the show more them or me.  The enthusiasm for their instruments and the subject as a whole was so infectious, they clearly love it.  They all played different instruments which ranged from the cello, piano, cornet as well as a self-taught guitarist.  There were various things that really struck me firstly they all got on so well and they said that was true of the whole class of about 30 students.  Secondly it was interesting how they all "found" their instruments, all were introduced to them at their primary schools (forward thinking schools).  Thirdly how much they all enjoyed their subject which I think has to be a real credit to the openness, support and enthusiastic teaching of the music staff at their school.

Their choice of music was interesting and ranged from Beethoven's Cello Sonata No 3 (beautiful piece) to Rule Britannia (I wasn't expecting that one!)

If you would like to have a listen to a show that will leave you smiling here it is:  Kennet Radio   

Posted on October 14, 2015 .