The Story of Music from Baroque to Beethoven

Do you know your arias from your arpeggios and your sonatas from your symphonies? Do you find classical music confusing?

This is your chance to immerse yourself in the world of classical music with a talk given by Arabella Christian on The Story of Music from Baroque to Beethoven.  Hearing about the lives and works of some of the great composers as well as listening to some of their glorious creations will leave you inspired to dig deeper.

Let Arabella be your guide to reveal to you the numerous joy and glories that are contained within classical music.  She will remove the mystery and fear and reveal some of the most exciting and beautiful music in the world.

Your talk was so interesting, entertaining and educational!  I experienced so many emotions, from being so moved by Haydn to the pure joy of listening to Beethoven - bliss!      Emma Walker London

Monteverdi Vespers
Vivaldi The Four Seasons
Vivaldi Gloria
Bach Fugue in G Major

Bach St Matthew Passion
Handel Messiah
Haydn Symphony No 101 in D major
Haydn The Creation
Mozart Piano Concerto No 21
Mozart Don Giovanni
Beethoven Symphony No 3

Schubert 'Auf dem Flüsse'
Beethoven Symphony No 9
Haydn 'Fra l'ombre e gl'orrori